You likely have seen in the news or heard from friends and family that Zantac (ranitidine) has been linked to multiple forms of cancer and that a complete recall of Zantac has been announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA ).

The law firm of Oster McBride represents clients from across the country in wrongful death and personal injury Zantac lawsuits. This is the time for action as lawsuits have already been filed by individuals diagnosed with cancer as early as 2012.

Our attorneys will hold drug manufacturers responsible for profiteering from dangerous medications and for delaying the much-needed market recall.

Zantac’s Link To Cancer

The FDA has conducted extensive testing that shows Zantac exposes users to carcinogenic levels of N-Nitrososdimethylamine (NDMA). Studies have also shown that Zantac, when stored at higher temperatures, further increases these dangerous levels of NDMA.

A pharmaceutical report published in September 2019 showed that Zantac has increased levels of (NDMA), an impurity known to the FDA to be a potential carcinogen. NDMA is a type of Nitrosamine, a potent type of carcinogen with around 90% of all Nitrosamines being found carcinogenic.


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I’ve ingested Zantac and have had a cancer diagnosis. Do I have a claim for a personal injury lawsuit against Zantac?

Zantac personal injury lawsuits may be filed by those who developed cancer after taking Zantac. There are a variety of damages that patients may seek, including costs of medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent or temporary disability, and loss of past and future income. This type of lawsuit allows plaintiffs to recover the highest potential compensation for their injuries. Family members that have lost a loved one due to cancer may also pursue a claim against the manufacturers of Zantac.

What will it cost to be a part of this lawsuit?

Oster McBride provides free consultations to anyone who submits a contact request form or calls our offices directly. It will not cost you a penny to have Oster McBride represent you or your loved ones that have been affected by Zantac’s cancer-causing compounds.

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