Clay Bethune

Of Counsel Admitted in: Georgia

Clay Bethune focuses his practice on banking, Fintech, cryptocurrency exchanges, start-up companies and associated federal and state regulatory matters. Clay returned to the practice of law after many years in the banking and finance industries. Clay was a Managing Director at US Bank where he worked extensively in public finance, capital markets, fixed income and corporate trust areas.

Additionally, he was the co-founder of a start-up finance company. Clay brings many years of industry experience as well as an understanding of underlying business issues. He knows the growing pains and legal issues that a start-up faces and brings considerable insider experience seeking to understand a business in its entirety including its goals, structure, organization, culture and people before advising. He values a holistic approach to the practice of law considering legal, business and regulatory matters in his practice.

Specifically, Clay’s work is at the intersection of digital assets and banking/regulatory matters including business formations, strategic planning, and advice, AML/KYC Compliance, Consumer Data Privacy, Data Recovery Protocols, Fraud Prevention, Money Transmitter Regulation, Disaster Plans, and state registration for digital currency exchanges.

Clay has a Bachelor of Art from The University of Alabama and Juris Doctor from Indiana University-Bloomington.